Wednesday, January 31, 2018

John Watson's bulletproof red undies

In July of 2010, we were first introduced to the modern era John Watson in BBC's Sherlock. 

In September of 2011, we were first introduced to the color of his Monday undies: Red.

Also in September of 2011, DC Comics relaunched its entire superhero line of comics with big changes. One of those changes: Superman lost his "underwear-on-the-outside" red trunks.

As it was announced that Superman is about to reclaim his red drawers, some seven years later, the wild coincidence of those two parallel events finally hit me like a brick. Were the BBC's John and Sherlock actually in the DC Universe's London, and could those red "pants" as they say in British English be one in the same?

Forget shipping Jolto from Watson's war years -- now we've got physical evidence of "Jork."

What's Jork shipping you ask? (And if you don't have to ask, bully for you! Much respect!)

John Watson/Clark Kent.

Just imagine, if you will (and if you won't, flee now), John Watson on leave in some Afghan hotel, waking up in the dark of early morning after a one-night stand with some random reporter he met in a bar. He fumbles around in the dark for his underwear and mistakenly grabs the wrong pair.

Back on the battlefield, Watson is shot. Taken down by the bullet, sure he is wounded, John doesn't quite believe it when his fellow battlefield medics not only can't cut his shorts off . . . they find there is no actually wound other than a most hellacious bruise.

Eventually, John returns to London with a psychosomatic limp from the bullet that should have crippled him, but didn't, and a taste for super men.

Now, I'm not sure exactly what happened seven years later. Perhaps Clark, now married to Lois, and John, now tied to Sherlock in whatever formal or informal relationship you favor, now decide that the souvenir of that past encounter need to return to their original owner. I'm sure Superman comics won't favor us with "Jork" resolutions as they give their flagship character his old costume back.

But the thought that for seven years, John Watson had a bulletproof pelvis . . . well, I'm sure baby Rosamund is glad her dad had those for a time. She and Jon Kent should have a play date sometime.

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