Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Miss "Sherlock Holmes Is Like" Pageant 2018, Preliminary Two

Welcome back to the Miss "Sherlock Holmes Is Like" Pageant 2018. I'm you're host, Bert

When we left round one of our pageant preliminaries, the lovely Brigadier Etienne Gerard had won his chance at the final crown, defeating four others by his sheer Conan-Doyle-genes, if nothing else. Who will be the second preliminary winner to join him in that finalists circle?

Well, our first contestant for the evening is the very popular Professor Henry Higgins, a man known for his Sherlock-like personality for decades. As Fran Martin makes her case for Higgins, she smartly leaves out the fact that Higgins once "sort of" met Jeremy Brett . . . the sort of flimsy argument that I'd make, and sticks to Canon, outside of a closer that speaks of the relationship between the pairs literary agents. Henry Higgins is a solid contender once Fran is done, but let's see who else is on the stage tonight.

Allan Pinkerton! Oh, tonight's pageant of Sherlock-like beauties is going to be a treat!

Professionally, Allan Pinkerton is a wonderful match for Sherlock Holmes. Innovative methods, writings for his successors in the field, all of which Darlene Cypser brings to shining the spotlight on Pinkerton. Pinkerton might get a black mark for that bit of time he spent on the official force, but he's sure to be the great detective of the night. Let's see who dares challenge Pinkerton's professional skills and Higgins's perfect personality.

Sacre bleu, our random selection process has brought up Hercule Poirot! I have spoken far too soon.

Poirot has the advantage of having been built by an author who had Sherlock Holmes to look at, while drawing his features . . . a condition that works both for him and against him, which becomes apparent in Marina Stajic's essay. Poirot had Holmes's skills to inspire and measure against, but he also had to set himself apart from that great man who came before him. I don't know if the judges are going to pick another Frenchman after last night, however, so there may be some bias against him.

Next up . . . Sigmund Freud?

Sherlock Holmes's co-star in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution? Robert Stek has his work cut out for him with this beauty, and immediately gets that book/movie pairing out of the way. It's a valiant attempt, but like an actor who has been typecast by an iconic part, nothing about Sigmund Freud just can convince the judges to see him as anything but Sigmund Freud. Nice of you to drop by for a guest spot, Freud; loved you in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but buh-bye.

And now, the final Miss "Sherlock Holmes Is Like" hopeful for this evening . . . . Superman.

After Sigmund Freud being so hurt by his iconic nature, Superman's chances are not looking good, but let's see what Christopher Sequeria has to say for him as the man of steel strolls across the stage.

I find myself trying to help Superman's case, even as I read Christopher Sequeira's essay, because I do love me some Superman. He and Holmes both came from country squires, so to speak. And while the Moriarty/Lex Luthor comparison is there to be made, I'd much prefer to cast Doomsday as Superman's Moriarty, being the foe that killed Superman and led to his inevitable resurrection. Near the end of Superman's tour on the runway, Christopher mentions Zorro, and then I get really distracted . . . I know Zorro is in this pageant, as he's my entry. And I start dreaming of things to come.

But judging for tonight's preliminary has to be done, and it has to be based on the five candidates present, not some fancy of mine from a future competition. And, all things considered, the icons and detectives cancelling each other out in a way, the winner just has to be . . .

Professor Henry Higgins!  Congratulations to Higgins and his fans, and I'm sure he'll be a great contender in that eventual final round. Get some rest, there's sure to be plenty of pageant tomorrow. Things are getting good.

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