Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Miss "Sherlock Holmes Is Like" Pageant 2018, Preliminary Four

The gunslinger from the Dark Tower series.

Gertrude Stein.

Charles Pierce.

Charles Darwin

Higgins from Magnum P.I.

As the contestants stroll across the stage in their sashes, I try to keep my head up off the judges' table . . . it's been a long weekend, and the Sunday prelim for the Miss "Sherlock Holmes Is Like" Pageant for 2018 started very late. I wave my hand tiredly at the current run of beauties and sigh a single proper noun:


She was cute in this year's CBS revival of Magnum P.I.  I say asmuch to the good Carter, who elbows me and goes, "Vincent Wight's essay was on Jonathan Higgins, the one played by John Hillerman -- you know, Dr. Watson from Hands of a Murderer."

"Yeah," I reply, "Close enough for bloggerment work. Higgins wins. Yay."

My head drops to the table and I get halfway into a dream about finding Cocoa Krispies in my cupboard for breakfast, with a cartoon picture of Higgins-Watson on the front.

"Higgins," I say again as I wake, shaking it off, and wandering out of the pageant theater.

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