Monday, January 21, 2019

Gird thy shopping loins!

While the internet might have given us the spoiler, the troll, and other bits of unwanted data, the place where it serves its best function is advance warning. We're much for aware of coming weather of all types, including cinematic seasons and what we can buy three months from now. So we have time to prepare.

The latest early warning for Sherlockians is that there will be merchandising for Detective Pikachu, the latest is a long line of characters who wear a deerstalker to show they're a great detective. And while it was easy to survive the Burger King toys and lawn gnomes of Sherlock Gnomes as you actively had to seek them out, Detective Pikachu is showing every sign of showing up in the stores you shop in now. And if the movie is at all successful, next Christmas is going to wash in a tide of the little fellow.

At this point, I don't know how many Sherlockian collectors remain with that attitude of a Pokemon trainer that we saw so much of in the 1980s ("Gotta catch 'em all!), but should said folk still live, they might want to prepare for the coming deerstalker storm. Also, any Sherlockian who thinks Detective Pikachu has the chance of becoming their collecting specialty might want to pre-plan as well. He's cute, and the combination of Sherlock Holmes and cute doesn't come along every day, outside of fan art. (221B Con dealer's room is coming! Love the stuff I find there.)

We've already started a year that looks to be an expensive one for Sherlockians, as opportunities for conferences and their attendant dealer's rooms abound, so this might be the month to start planning ahead . . . especially once those cute little yellow-and-deerstalkered accessories start showing up.

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