Monday, January 28, 2019

Opening day for a new podcast!

We got a brand new podcast this morning, and its first episode was something of a delight. Mattias Boström, the author of my favorite Sherlockian book of recent memory From Holmes to Sherlock, released Talk About Sherlock, a thoughtful, twenty-five minute podcast.

For a single-speaker podcast, I find twenty-five minutes to be about the right length, and better still was the subject matter: A full consideration of something that happened in the world of Sherlock Holmes within the last month. We, quite naturally, tend to focus on the distant past in this Sherlockian hobby of ours, even in current interviews with current Sherlockians, and it's easy to get a little bored by the same old topics. In his first episode, Mattias analyzes the virtual lynching that seemed to spring up around the latest Sherlock Holmes movie's release. ("Virtual lynching" is my biased coloring of the Holmes and Watson incident, not his.) And while it might be hard to keep every episode on such a current event in our culture, it was a quite refreshing change to kick off a show with.

Early on, our newest podcaster asks us to "excuse my occasional mistreatment of the English language," but like the early episodes of The Baker Street Babes podcast, I found that hearing spoken words from a non-American voice adds just that much more spice to what's being said. (There's a reason so many popular YouTubers are out of England or Australia. Sorry, Canadians -- just not different enough!) The host being from Sweden doesn't hurt Talk About Sherlock in the slightest. In fact, it's sure to give the podcast a valuable perspective for those of us who don't get out of our country much.

As our list of Sherlockian podcasts gets longer and longer . . .  side note, someone needs to come up with a short history of Sherlockian podcasting at this point, so I can say with authority whether I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere was first . . . the variety that we're getting . . . excuse me, another side note, bring back Sherlock and knitting, you-know-who-who-is-probably-too-busy-right-now-but-it-still-needs-to-be-said . . . is really quite lovely . . . do I have an attention deficit issue? JUST END THE SENTENCE, BRAD!!

Anyway, as I was saying, great new podcast, worth a listen even if you don't fully trust mad bloggers. You'll want to get in early for this one.

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