Friday, January 11, 2019

Sherlockiana in the wind

I often get philosophical around this time of year.

For instance, I just remembered a time in the late 1970s when my younger brother went to his senior prom, and his classmates had decided upon the theme "Dust in the Wind." They plainly enjoyed the current hit by the group Kansas, but at the fact that a bunch of high school kids picked such a dreary nihilistic tune for their prom just seemed bizarre to me.

I mean, prom, that time when see if you are of appropriate status to get picked to go, put on a tux, and make sure you get the official picture to add to your personal permanent record . . . it's important, right? Not dust in the wind, right? And tonight is that Sherlockian prom among proms, the B.S.I. dinner. A black hole in our current social media universe, an untelevised awards show, a thing of mystery to those who haven't been, a thing of mixed emotions to those who have.

The B.S.I. dinner doesn't have advertised themes, like "Under the Sea," "Moonlight and Ham," or "Dust in the Wind." The Baker Street Babes charity ball has been going that route to great success (though still no "Moonlight and Ham," sadly). And all we hear in the aftermath of the elder event is usually new-member lists, but as with proms, it's about that moment. Either you're there or you're not. It's all about the moment itself, and luckily, no one function has the monopoly on moments.

Sherlockian moments can be such great moments, and happen all over the place, even tonight. Because like the secret of those high school kids and their "Dust in the Wind" prom theme, moments are pretty simple: "Life is short, so we'd better have sex now." (You know how proms are.)

So whatever you're doing with Sherlock tonight, I hope your moments are warm and welcome tonight, and whether or not you are getting to go to the prom, I hope you get to have sex*. Because, "Dust in the Wind," y'know?
* Or your equivalent peak experience.

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