Sunday, August 25, 2019

And on the podcast cutting room floor . . .

There are those who might say that The Watsonian Weekly podcast gets a bit silly at times, as I get to playing around with voices and audio. Of course, even I have limits, especially when it comes to audio engineering. And this week, with a bit of a cowboy theme as the John H. Watson Society's August "Treasure Hunt" has inspired themes each week . . . and excuses for a bit more silliness . . . one might have noticed the episode starting out with a parody of the Rawhide theme that doesn't go on for very long. Sometimes the loyal listeners just have to be spared.

And so, for those who are just curious as to how the rest of that song went, here are the lyrics to the full song:

Watson, Watson, Watson,
Watson, Watson, Watson,
Watson, Watson, Watson,
Low tide!

St. Claire has gone missin’
His wife ain’t got no kissin’
They found his clothes, now listen . . .
Low tide!

Among those opium addicts,
Not there for just kicks
Soon you’ll be sleepin’ Surrey side!

Your wife might be a lighthouse,
But she’ll be missing her spouse
Cuz Sherlock Holmes calls you to abide.

Go to jail
(Find Hugh Boone)
Wash his face
(Find St. Claire)
Solve the case
(Clear the air)
Low tide!

Sure it’s a minor detail,
It’s low tide not a narwhale,
But it rhymes with Rawhide
Low tide!

It’s how they found St. Clair’s coat,
Like Birlstone’s old moat
But there Holmes used an umbrella.

Because moats aren’t tidal,
I guess that isn’t vital,
This song should be coming to an end.

Stop it now!
(Sing some more!)
Stop it now!
(Sing some more!)
Stop it now!
I want more . . . . Low tiiiiiidddde!      LOW TIDE!


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