Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Brain dump update

From Monday, and it's now Wednesday . . .

Okay, a half an hour until I pick up the fried rice and head north to potluck night. I have just enough time to write a blog post. I should be doing about, literally, five other things right now, but this is the one that comes out easiest. So what am I about to blog about?

All the things.

Sit back and relax, because this is the part where I let the alien thought parasite just have everything in my head and his little alien brain goes KAH-splort!

I just got reminded of a fic I started, a sort of opening chapter to a Sherlock/Fast & the Furious crossover, which featured Sherlock, with the second part already in my head that was John hanging out in a garage with Dominic Toretto still unwritten. (And after Hobbs & Shaw, is there going to be a Molly/Luke Hobbs scene after that? An Irene Adler/Hattie Shaw scene after that? Goodness!) Which, just going back to the link on A03 reminds me of the "cookies & cream" series where I did the cream but didn't get to the cookies, much less the part where the cookies and cream got together, and then ... a two-instance pattern starts to form: Do I have a problem with my Watson second parts?

Which worries me because I'm doing The Watsonian Weekly podcast now, and I do need to start editing things for the print Watsonian any second now (and I'm blogging? Shame!), but there is the John H. Watson Society Treasure Hunt and my team-mate is working SO hard, and I have to catch up at least a bit pretty soon here. This of course completely ignores the John Watson book idea I had over the weekend, because, hey, why not? Which completely ignores the Sherlock Holmes book idea that I'm actually how many chapters into, except it's a little dark for the way the world is just now.

Side note: Have you seen the world? Yikes. Did the Rapture come and take the five or six actually good people and we just didn't notice?

Anyway, there's a talk I'm giving in Portland come October that is cooking up really nicely, but I like the topic so much that it's throwing sparks as it spins round and round and the sparks keep trying to catch fire when the talk is supposed to be the bonfire I'm building, and, wait, did I just have a trans-Atlantic video call? Is this the future? Cool, I made it to the future! Now I just have to go back to the past and fix a few things, but this is the future's past, so I probably should work on the things now, and ...

I should give up on ellipses, because I want to put spaces between the periods and I don't think that's correct. But, with that, I've left Sherlock and John behind for the moment. Time to go have some Korean BBQ, fried rice, and whatever else the potluck group comes up with.

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