Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tin peaches

Tonight, I feel a strong pull toward writing about a very special subject in Sherlock Holmes's life. Enough Johnlock, Adlock, Chubblock. It's time for Peachlock.

Yes, tin peaches. Tin peach meant a good evening for Sherlock Holmes, when he was all alone out on the moors near Baskerville Hall.

Yes, there was also a loaf of bread and a tinned tongue in that stone hut he was bunking in. But those were obviously sandwich fixin's. There were TWO tins of preserved peaches.

And specifically "preserved" peaches. Aren't all tin peaches preserved peaches? Odd that John Watson felt the need to include that descriptor. Maybe these had a little more added sugar, making them a little closer to preserves, although to most of us, tin peach meant the opposite of preserving something, as we want to get to putting the bite on those suckers.

There are so few foods that Sherlock Holmes chose that we can keep so easily in our own cupboards, and really, consider this: Sherlock Holmes could have chosen a lot of foods to get take or get delivered to his Dartmoor den. He chose tin peaches.

And we probably don't celebrate what the tin peach meant to Sherlock Holmes nearly enough.

Some nights, a person just wants to sit back and enjoy that little aspect of the Canon.

It really is the simple things, isn't it?

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