Thursday, April 30, 2020

An evening of Sherlockian stars and warped drives.

Well, this has been an evening. A late dinner with a little Parks & Rec reunion on the tube, then down to the basement workshop to  . . . well, lest you think me mad, I will ease into that part.

While working away, however, I listened to the fresh, new episode of The Final Podblem on "The Mazarin Stone," which I get on the Apple podcasts feed. (Also, they have a Twitter, just to get all the links in.) Now, here's a question for you: How does one listen to a podcast where one is complimented several times, and still feel like one has made a horrible failure in life? Well, let me tell you. You get to hear two solid hours of Casey and Nick bringing on Paul Thomas Miller for TWO SOLID HOURS, when your own measly podcast barely hits twenty minutes and you might get use about a fifth of that with Paul?

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not about the size, it's about what you do with it -- don't try to make me feel better! I'm wallowing here!

Actually, I'm not wallowing, because I just enjoyed two hours of podcasting on one of the most terrible Sherlock Holmes stories in existence, with three fellows I love listening to, who can all work without a script. (Weird fact: I can work without a script when I'm not me. How does that work?) They make a great trio and I'll look forward to the next time Paul gets on.

Now that I've lulled you into a familiar sort of sympathy with my emotional roller coaster, I'm going to start the part that might sound a little crazy, starting with this: I'm going on vacation next week.

One doesn't really take a vacation during a "stay at home" pandemic, does one? But the job demanded a vacation be taken to help lower their Paid-Time-Off debits this quarter, and given what a slight sacrifice that is, I made it. And I decided to go some . . . .

Did I ever mention the time I had a buddy of mine build a time machine?

Yes, yes, fake-books-Brad-the-big-liar, I know, but that happened. We were doing Peoria history thing and my buddy Ken built a time machine with a marvelous travelling-through-time video display that we used to pull historical figures into the present day to tell us a little bit about themselves. (Yes, I completely stole that from Bill and Ted.)

Well, with a week's vacation where you can't really go somewhere, one of the remaining alternatives is to go somewhen.

So, while listening to that lovely two hours of podcasting excellence tonight, I worked feverishly on building my own time machine. Crazy, right? Except this time, I'm not stealing from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. No, this time, I'm going full-on Time After Time. I'm going to immerse myself so deeply in a particular period in history that I, with any luck, will start to see things as they were then. And maybe just come back with a record of that adventure to pass along.

Just working on putting together my means of time travel, I'm already seeing the dangers that lurk ahead of me on my little trip next week. There are good reasons we don't do time travel. There's stuff in time that'll hurt you. There's gonna be some pain in making this trip, but I have hopes that the results will be worth it. And, you'll get to hear all that when it's done.

It's been quite a Sherlockian evening, and I'm looking forward to telling you more very soon.

P.S. Here's an artifact from back in time, below the second P.S.

P.P.S. If I ever talk Nick and Casey into letting me on their podcast, I think it needs to be when they get to Elementary and need a guest. I've much improved since the day a certain podcast wanted me on just to have me battle it out with someone else about that CBS show. Do we want to test Paul's good influences on me with my conversion to the cult of Doyle's Rotary Coffin? Hrmmm. Wait a second . . . Paul's last name . . . Jonny Lee . . . OH MY GOD, IT WAS A TRAP!!!

P.P.S. It's the corona lockdown. Just wait.

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