Saturday, April 13, 2013

221B Con's First Panel!

Well, for starters, Kristina Manente is the devil. The red hair should have been a clue, but if anyone had any doubts, her posting of hand-drawn dancing men code clues to the password to the Invisible Tigress Speakeasy gave me, Bill Mason, and our new acquaintance Russell a very torturous hour just prior to the first panel. Kristina even wandered by once to snicker evilly at our efforts.

But since she's leading the "Rats, Weddings, and Bows" panel that I'm sitting in right now, along with Stacy Smith, I suppose I'll be retracting that "devil" bit. She's giving us Sherlock gossip from the shooting going on in London. (Oh, there's a Tardis outside this room, did mention that?) Taylor of the BSB just showed up to join the panel.

Oooo, the Babes have been sitting on the Amanda Abbington news of joining the show ever since their interview with Amanda last year. The devil thing is sneaking back . . .

Big discussion of Watson's upcoming moustache and Rupert Grave's loss of hair, Anderson's beard, and on to some spoilery speculation on Molly from shooting sightings.

Pause for getting this posted . . .

"Don't feel sorry for him, he's a dick." Manente on Sherlock, taking a hit from Watson.

More spoilery speculations. And ooooooh, I just screwerd up a Rathbone reference in a suggestion to the panel. Regina Stinson, sitting next to me, gave me a quick correction. Regina has a history of being smarter than me, which we've seen demonstrated in Dayton on many a year.

Well, despite that, this is a whole lot of fun.

"Hatemail blanket." Random, sorry, this live blogging thing is HARD! I should just Twitter like a sensible person. Aw, well, I'm committed for this hour.

 Will Sherlock have emotional development in series three?

"Empty Hearse" almost finished filming, Could the third series come out next January? Will they close the Britain/America gap in the schedule? (Oh, PBS, I hate you so!)

Regina ponts out they moved the Elementary panel to the next hour . . . . . hmmm.

How will Mary Morstan die? She's not even in the new series yet, and we're speculating on her death? Poor Mary. Wonder if Watson will be multiple married on Sherlock?

This is turning into the Mary Morstan death panel! Sherlock shoots her. She gets sick, sacrifices herself to save John's life. Watson blames Sherlock somehow. "Mary Moran"? Lot of instant fanfic being put out there in this one.

Most depressing theory so far is that she gets pregnant AND THEN gets killed!

"By the way, here's some ovaries . . ." (On Doyle's introduction of Mary.)  A lot of wondering why Doyle introduced Watson's wife, only to leave her out or write her out so much. Good thoughts going on here. The elite devotee class really needs to come hang around these ladies for a while and have their illusions shattered.

Awww, we're being let go! Well, that's it for this blog moment! I think I'm done bloggin for the mo! Later!


  1. Living vicariously through you at the moment--can't get there just now for reasons to be explained later. Sounds like this amazing event is off to a tremendous start!

  2. "A lot of wondering why Doyle introduced Watson's wife, only to leave her out or write her out so much." Doyle was not thinking "series" when he wrote SIGN. Like STUD, it was a one-off and Mary was introduced as a plausible reason why Holmes and Watson go their separate ways: "I fear that it may be the last investigation in which I shall have the chance of studying your methods. Miss Morstan has done me the honour to accept me as a husband in prospective."