Saturday, April 27, 2013

The mind palace dumpster tilts forward, and . . .

Sometimes Twitter is too limited, Facebook is too busy, and you just need to dump some random thoughts on to the interwebs. So here goes:
  • I keep thinking Canada's Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is a metaphor for the dark side of being a modern Sherlockian. Unfortunately, I keep coming up as the role of evil guidance counselor with wolf flashbacks in that metaphor, so I don't think I'll explore it further.
  • Who has the world's largest collection of Baker Street Babes autographs? If you have more than five, it might be you. If not, it may be me. Time to get in on the ground floor, people, before their celebrity has any of them going all Amanda Bynes on us! Not that we would notice, among some of the truly wacky Sherlockians we've had in the past.
  • Somebody please tell me which episode of Elementary was based on "Thor Bridge." They somehow slipped that one by my keen attention to the scenes of Lucy Liu waking up in the morning. Oh, Joan Watson, I would come and sit in a chair by your bed and ramble each morning, too. (Maybe just to get that other guy out of there, but hey . . . a job with perks!)
  • Mowing my lawn on this beautiful spring day, I couldn't help but feel the absence of a certain Sherlockian over the fence who'd often be sitting on his patio with a highball glass of whiskey and make me stop my chore for a bit to catch up. He'd have a lot to chuckle about these days, and that does make me smile.
  • I have an old book of Sherlockian scholarship or two that have my name on the cover and thus require the occasional autograph for a friend or collector. Because copies are rather limited, such things happen as the "double-autograph" copy, where one owner dies and the new owner wants their copy signed to them. Today marked a whole new experience in autographing books, however, as a Sherlockian who now goes by a completely different name than they did twenty-five years ago asked for the same inscription with their new name on a different page, so they could cut out the old page and still show the book to people without explaining their previous identity. The world is full of fun surprises.
  • Last night at about 11:30 P.M., I stopped in our local Peoria Kroger for milk and cereal and was also able to buy a copy of The Gods of Gotham by author and ace Sherlockian Lyndsay Faye. In a supermarket, in Peoria. That was a very cool thing. If I myself was cooler, I might have Instagrammed the moment.
  • And for those of you who actually read this blog without being pointed to it by your pissed-off friends, any more comments on a certain blog from this week were suspended on Friday. Some of the kiddies weren't playing nice, and a line in the sand had to be drawn. I apologize to anyone who got caught on the wrong side of that line. In a related note, our aged comment moderator has actually been know to hit the "Delete" link instead of the "Publish" link on comments when it's a particularly groggy morning. Don't take it personally. And don't mention this paragraph to him if you want to get a comment published.
And with that, the mind-palace dumpster finishes pouring it's contents into the moat and slams back into place. Moving along now.


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    1. Somebody please tell me which episode of Elementary was based on "Thor Bridge." --That was Episode 9, "You Do It To Yourself". Not actually based on Thor Bridge but used the same plot (murderer has himself killed and frames someone else). It's a cliché plot now and not used by "Elementary" as an homage.

  2. That episode of Elementary inspired by Thor Bridge is the one where a man hired someone to shoot him in the eye after he had planted evidence of the crime pointing to his wife's lover. I don't know the exact title, sorry.

  3. That was me talking about Thor Bridge - the commenting feature here doesn't work on my ipad, but I can comment on Facebook using it. While none of the names from canon were used, the one about the college professor hits the two big unique plot points:

    1) Love triangle - spouses who no longer love each other but cannot separate; one of them has fallen in love with someone else.

    2) Spurned spouse commits suicide in a manner guaranteed to frame the love object for murder.

    It's the last bit that made me say "Thor Bridge!"

  4. As for bullet point #5... I trust that age doth not wither nor custom stale my infinite variety.

  5. In re Episode 9 "You Do It To Yourself": You blogged about the promo (Miller on the toilet) on Thursday, November 29, 2012's "Just another Thursday night rant. Sigh." Then on Friday, December 7, 2012 (a date that will live in infamy), you posted "Zombies, zombies, everywhere." one of your more memorable diatribes on "Elementary" and their fans. One assumes you watched the previous night's episode, but upon a close examination of the post, with hindsight gained from you earlier this month, it becomes obvious that you did not watch December 6th's episode. Perhaps you entrusted the task to that lazy so-and-so Boffin, and the mop-haired cretin let you down again (he is from Crete, right?). Perhaps in those bygone days you thought watching the promo for next week's episode gave you enough information to judge (pre-judge?) it. Sorry to be a dick (as in slang for one who engages in detective work). Let me whisper "groggy morning" in your ear so you do not feel obliged to publish this comment.

  6. That Miller fella rambling to Joan Watson while she's still in bed and half asleep is the most canonical thing about Elementary, IMO. ;)

  7. Didn't realize comments on a certain blog from last week had been suspended when I sent one last post. I didn't take it personally; this is your blog, after all.