Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Road to 221B Con.

Might as well accept it. This is going to be the "All 221B Con, All The Time" blog this week.

And if that's not enough for you, the official Sherlock Peoria Twitter feed is full of even less interesting 221B Con tweets going into the hashtag #221BCon hopper. 

This morning started with picking up a Big Red Car at the rental place to tote more Sherlock stuff than got transported to the Dayton Sherlockian Dollar Store some years ago. And then, the most non-Sherlock thing of all happened. The sump pump broke. But Mrs. Hudson-for-the-week was on the case, and the Big Red Car was on the road, straight for Indianapolis.

There are some wonderful Sherlockians in Indianapolis, and I haven't been down there in forever, so just passing through was a killer. Thought about trying to have lunch with anyone who might, but given my usual slow departure and the one hour delay of crossing into Eastern time, lunch would be at 2:00 at the earliest. After a bad attempt to find a Greek restaurant my memory apparently didn't retain all the details on, lunch wound up being at 3:00 in Southport, so that was probably a good call. So no Sherlock fun in Indiana, and the Big Red Car just kept moving.

When we hit Kentucky, I thought, why leave this to chance? Stopping at the Visitor's Center, the wall of pamphlets revealed two likely sites: Holmes Bend Marina Resort and London, Kentucky. The first choice was completely Holmes-related. Holmes Bend Marina Resort offers both boat rental and fishing, two activities we know Sherlock Holmes indulged in. Faux Thames River chases and faux trout (bass) and faux pike (crappies) await! Of course, there isn't really time to indulge and still get to 221B Con on time, so I'll probably have to pass on that. 

London, Kentucky posed its own challenges. Doing prep work via Google's satellite photos, I found that 221 Meyers Baker Road in London Kentucky, despite the fabulous Canadian connection in the name, is a vacant plot of light brown dirt. The Cumberland Parkway leads into London, and if you squint really hard, you can make it look like "Cumberbatch Parkway," but if you're squinting that hard, you really shouldn't be driving, so that was out, too.

If all else failed, I thought I could at least watch a new episode of Elementary for the blog, in our lodgings at Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  But no new show there, just a rerun. (Can a TV show hate you back? I wonder.)

An "Elizabethan (k)night" is mentioned in The Hound of the Baskervilles, so spending the night in Elizabethtown has to get me some Kentucky Sherlock-points . . . doesn't it?

Tomorrow, on to Tennessee and Georia! And then things get REAL Sherlock-y!

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