Friday, February 20, 2015


I found a new, original Sherlock Holmes story by Conan Doyle on the internet today.

Want to see it?

Here it is.

The Craxton Goppage
By Arthur Conan Doyle

Winslow Purster, the duck of a thousand faces, came home one evening to find that his children had rifled the linen pantry. This defeated the entire purpose of his life savings of Bermondsey cheeses, and Purster was beside himself with dismay at the small black terrier whom his neighbours had posted at their gate, even before the linen business.
"Let us divest ourselves of these rags!" exclaimed Mrs. Purster as the sight of her lawful husband's return. The marmalade had run out earlier in the day. 
The servant girl suggested that they call Sherlock Holmes.

The End

How Conan Doyle managed to get it on the internet is not readily apparent, but the fact that he lived in a country that now has internet service should be telling. Doyle was a forward-thinking individual and in touch with many whose special focus was on communicating in ways previously unproven. The most important facts, of course, are twofold: 1.) His name is on it. 2.) It also contains the name of Sherlock Holmes. 

The fact that it is neither entertaining nor worth anyone's while other than as a novelty for speculation should not hinder our embracing of this fragment. I mean, really, it's been a slow week.

Such a slow week.


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