Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The show that we're seeing but not watching.

Are we over the Sherlock teases yet?

We're getting to the point where we separate the serious fans of the BBC show from the average viewer, I suspect, as when I saw the latest teaser leaked out (this one "officially," as opposed to the Setlock stuff), my first thought was, "Yeah, yeah, call me when you're going to put something on television."

I mean, there was a time when enthusiasm ran high, when there were questions to be answered, and it all seemed like there was a game to it somewhere in there.

But now that we've been seeing bits and pieces of a Victorian version of the modern version of the Victorian tales since filming began, that cat's out of the bag and the questions, "Is it a dream, a hoax, an alternate reality?" quit being interesting when DC Comics used them up on "imaginary" Superman stories in the 1960s.

There are some dedicated fans out there, and it'll be fun to see just who they are as the more faddy folk drop away. Sherlock love is starting to transition from sprint to marathon, and only those with steady endurance or true fanaticism will remain running alongside the hansom cab that this year's Christmas special seems to be becoming. (And if people thought that wedding episode was a change in tone they didn't like . . .)

For now, Sherlock is the show that we're seeing but not watching. Whether that proves to be a good thing this time around shall be interesting.


  1. I once spent the night in line to see Star Trek III. I (slept through) saw the midnight show of Fellowship of the Ring. I still have a box of fanzines from the 80's in the garage (unless the mice have got to them). I kind of miss those days. I'll see Sherlock when I see him, and if I happen to catch a trailer, yay. If not, fine.

    Getting old sucks.

    Korina, middle-aged fangirl

    1. I remember going to a con in St. Louis with the actors dropping hints about Star Trek III, which was about the only way we got such dribbles of info back in the Stone Age. It's a different day, but not without its perks as well as problems! (And I'm still a bit peeved at Kirstie Alley for not doing III!)