Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wherefore art thou, Mr. Holmes?

We all can well understand how the recently discovered the 1916 William Gillette film Sherlock Holmes is nowhere to be seen just yet. It's a rare antiquity that will be rolled out for an appropriate audience at the appropriate time. And nobody is really promoting it. What's starting to baffle me, however, is another "old Sherlock Holmes" movie that is apparently complete and getting some promotion, but no release date.

This Ian McKellen Mr. Holmes movie, that we've been seeing so much about of late, has been shown at one Berlin film festival, is getting reviewed from there, with five actual reviews on Rotten Tomatoes . . . and yet no release date for America or anywhere else in in sight.

You can check IMDB. Nada.

Does the film not have a distributor? Is some other background bit of the film industry holding it back? Is it going to wind up direct-to-video?

All we know it that there is a finished Sherlock Holmes movie out there and we're not sure when we get to see it. The Mr. Holmes folks are about to start making BBC Sherlock look like less of a tease, at this point.

One more thing we wait for, I guess.

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