Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mr. Elementary and Sherlock Holmes fans in New York City.

Now that the Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend is winding to a close in NYC, and all of that mad social whirl is starting to loose its grasp on those fortunate enough to partake of its pleasures, the rest of us can start hoping for reports of just went on there. The tweets and caption-less Facebook photos that have been trickling in all week have been, at times, both intriguing and . . . well, how does one describe a bunch of old white guys in monkey suits sitting around a table while a couple of them look at their phones . . . mundane? Some things just cannot be captured in photos, though, as Conan Doyle learned the hard way from Harry Houdini, like spirits.

And spirits are a big part of that great celebration of Sherlock, to be sure.

Among those things that I'm curious to hear more about, as the dust settles on the 2016 festivities in New York City, is how a certain other New York City endeavor of a Sherlockian nature had its presence felt there. Think about this for a second: Every year, one of the biggest events in the longtime Sherlock Holmes fan calendar takes place in NYC. We also, for the past three years, have had a major network television show about Sherlock Holmes that takes place in NYC.

I'm still hearing about Sherlockians visiting a bar that Christopher Morley once favored. But what about the Sherlockians visiting locations where Elementary was shot?

Sherlock Holmes fans in New York. TV show about Sherlock Holmes in New York. Match made in heaven, right? Who needs London any more?

Okay, I'm being a bit silly there. We can never lose London. But still . . . .

I can see a day, decades down the line, when an aging Jon Michael Hill is invited to the BSI dinner to speak on that long ago time when Elementary was a going concern, but now? While it's actually on the air? Anything? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

So I'm curious to see if that TV show that's had some an impact upon at least this Sherlockian's Sherlockian life has made any inroads into all that is January in New York City.


  1. Brooklyn Heights is fairly nice these days, and a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge might be nice for the visitors, however, the brownstone at 42 Stanford Avenue, Brooklyn is far from being a 221b Baker Street. I'm quite certain you will never find a Sherlock Holmes Museum there. The majority of the show appeared to me, remember I quit watching so it may have changed, to be shot in Harlem. I don't see your BSI types wandering up into Harlem (unless to visit Bill Clinton). Shooting locations like 82nd Ave and 132nd St, Queens or Riverside Dr and 122nd St in Manhattan are no St. Bart's either. Between the rotten weather and the non-Sherlockian vibe "Elementary" gives off, why would there be any vibe to search out those locations? I'd have just as much interest in the "Elementary" shooting locations as I would have in the shooting locations for Roger Moore's "Sherlock Holmes in New York", which is NONE. Or then again, maybe my lack of interest is just because I grew up there (but was smart enough to move).

    1. They actually used New York locations for shooting "Sherlock Holmes in New York"?

  2. "Elementary" The GOOD news – The ratings are bad; it’s as simple as that. Other than “CSI: Cyber” (which is almost sure to be canceled), there’s not a regularly-scheduled series with a lower 18-49 average. The ratings are also down right now more than 20% from season 3, which in turn was more than 20% down from season 2. This is a show that was heavily promoted for the first two seasons and even got a chance to air after the Super Bowl, so at this point CBS may just feel like they’ve done all they can do to help the show and they are now better off just wiping the slate clean. This article warms the cockles of my heart.