Friday, January 15, 2016

The Exploding Pajamas of Sherlock Holmes.

From distant Peoria, one would think that the Baker Street Babes' charity ball was practically the reason for the Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend celebrations in New York these days. It could be the slant of my particular Twitter feed, and it could be because the attendees of "The Daintiest Thing in a Dressing Gown Pyjama Party" are much heavier into social media than other events, but it always comes up as a gloriously charming event.

I mean, this year . . . pajamas. In New York City. At a traditionally tuxedo-or-at-least-suit-and-tie time of year. When you come down to it, tuxedos are just a dull form of cosplay anyway, so why not pajamas?

Another thing I love about the charity ball is that it connects with a good cause outside of the Sherlockian world in a very Sherlockian way. As a fundraiser for disabled veterans, it's the perfect way to help a part of the real world while personally commemorating dear old John H. Watson, the disabled vet who started our entire hobby. When the Babes first came up with the concept, it was a very refreshing change, contrasting the times when we Sherlockians get our heads too far up our own Baker Street butts.

The photos of onesies and dressing gowns coming onto Twitter really broke up the comments on the circus that was the thousandth Republican debate this year, and one wonders if having a pajama-themed debate might not have even added a little spark to those doings.

In any case, congratulations to the Baker Street Babes and all of their Thursday night friends for blowing up my Twitter feed once again. If you'd have managed to get Chris Redmond into a onesie, I think you'd have won the Sherlockian internet this weekend, but it's always good to have some challenges that stay just out of reach to inspire future endeavors.


  1. Chris Redmond in a Bluebell onesie, hmmmmmm.....!

    1. Somehow, it actually seems like a Howard Ostrom at 221B Con sort of thing!