Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Setlock, spoiling the party for some more than others.

Spoiler alert: I'm going to mention a Canonical detail in reference to the currently filming Sherlock season. And another logical following detail from last season's events. Both were seen in a street scene from said filming. Flee now if two such things violate your pre-season protocols.

Well, I thought I was avoiding all the amateur paparazzi photos from the filming of the upcoming BBC Sherlocks. No such luck. Both Twitter and my random Tumblr follows seemed to be diving at those preview scraps like a drone targeting a top-five terrorist. And in at least one spot, that seemed to be the tone of the person posting the photo.

What did I see?

Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, an infant child, Mary Morstan Watson, and a dog.

Now, to a dedicated believer in the Johnlock Conspiracy, this scene of apparent domestic bliss in the Watson household might seem quite horrific. Mommy, daddy, baby, and dog, all out for a walk with their old bachelor friend. The anti-thesis of the Sherlock/John romance.

But to believers in the Doylock Conspiracy -- that Moffat and Gatiss are intent on infusing Sherlock with as much original Canon while creating new tales as they can -- the dog was a very exciting development.

Because he wasn't just a dog, he was a bloodhound. And a bloodhound in a story with Mary Morstan?


While we saw a Sholto and a "The Sign of Three" last season, we never really saw Mary Morstan's tale played out: treasure, wooden-legged ex-convicts, pygmies, river chases . . . or "The Sign of Four."

Or the bloodhound Toby.

If Sherlock, John, and Mary made up "The Sign of Three," it would appear baby makes "Four," a fact many a Sherlockian stumbling across these setlock photos has already deduced.

Which doesn't really make it all that much of a spoiler, for the Sign of the Four fans among us. More like a natural development. But if the tremors that have erupted over that same little detail on Tumblr are any sign, we're in for a very interesting season ahead.

Especially if that infant turns out to be the new little person in the story . . . and Mary Morstan Watson thought "Tonga" would be a cool name for a baby.

Yikes! Get thee behind me, setlock!

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