Saturday, April 9, 2016

The mess.

Here's a new way of not doing work: You walk into a room. You see a mess. You take a picture of that mess. Then you blog about the mess.

This particular sort of mess means I must have attempted cleaning or organizing said room at one point, came upon a bunch of unrelated things, and was not quite sure how to sort them into the currently sorted things. Which is very odd, because some of these things have been with me quite a long time, and you would think they had found a place in the sorted Sherlockiana by now.

The mess never ends.

Somewhere out there is a Sherlockian with perfectly organized, shelved, and filed ephemera. Somewhere out there is a Sherlockian who came in late enough to the Game that they've gone paperless, and keep everything neatly out on a server somewhere. And somewhere out there is a Sherlockian who has passed from this mortal coil and left their executor to deal with their version of this mess . . . the untidiest way of all to get out from under one's mess.

Sherlockiana is just not a neat and tidy hobby. There are always so much more interesting things to do than clean, sort, and organize. But this morning, still fresh from the vacation break of a certain convention, I seem to have an opening . . .

And now that I've taken a picture of it, and blogged about it, perhaps it's time to start cleaning it up.

1 comment:

  1. Looking closely at your photo, I realized that I could store your material easily through the use of magazine racks (think cereal boxes with the tops third cut off and the rest covered in contact paper).

    Now I have a brainstorm to open a site called "sort other people's krep" where people can offer advice on how to store your things, because it's easier that way.