Friday, April 8, 2016

Three years behind in my Tumblring.

Three years ago, I came home from the first 221B Con having realized that Tumblr was apparently a wicked-powerful force in Sherlockian fandom and created an account. Then I made one post.

And as with so many little goals in life, I just wandered off. For some idiotically stubborn reason, I felt like I had to watch a certain somewhat-irrelevant television show and document its . . . well . . . whatever. That chore, of documenting the whatever, really seemed to be pretty well accomplished at some point in the last few months, so I returned from the most recent 221B Con with a fresh slate.

And there was Tumblr again.

This time, on my way out the door of the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center, I picked up a handful of "business" cards in the lobby . . . all of which had Tumblr names listed upon them. So this time -- THIS time -- I had a direction. I cranked up the Tumblr-machine and started following every single person whose card I found in the hotel lobby. Added to the "Follows" I made in my first attempt (Baker Street Babes, 221B Con, and a few other basics from back then), I now am following a perfectly Canonical-step-based seventeen blogs.

At least I think they're called "blogs" on Tumblr. I still have a ways to go.

I remember back in 2001, Chris Redmond saying something about Sherlockians needing a new Game. I agreed with him, and tried out a few ideas in a role-playing sort of situation, and it wasn't a bad little go (David McAllister, a member of that Dark Lantern League, mentioned it fondly last weekend at the con, even), but the truly new Game that Sherlockians were to discover wasn't going to come about until the BBC decided to throw a Mycroft-sized cannonball into our little Sherlockian pool. And while it's very, very hard to get one's arms completely around that new Game, one has to avail one's self of every available social network these days to do the proper Holmes-like diligence to work it all out.

Hopefully, there's not a Professor Moriarty lurking at the center of this great spider's web.

But, in any case, perhaps this will ready me a bit more for next year's 221B Con.

It's only a year away.


  1. Hi Brad,

    I really enjoy your blog. Would you mind though if I asked a couple of questions on your chronology? Not trying to geek out or argue, I'm not that much of a Holmes expert, but I'm genuinely curious about some of the dates. If you like we can correspond via email, or on the board. Thanks!

    1. Either the comment section, or will find me. Chronology questions welcomed!

  2. How fondly I remember the Dark Lantern League. We did have fun, didn't we?

  3. What's your URL so I can follow you?

    1. Maybe this?
      Don't expect much there just yet!

    2. Great, thanks! I'm MaryBeGone on tumblr.