Sunday, March 24, 2019

A treasure chest of "Holmes and Watson" awaits!

Preparing for the 221B Con panel on the movie Holmes and Watson has had one great frustration to it: Everything we have to talk about is from December and January, and no one has gotten to see the movie since then. The Blu-Ray/DVD doesn't come out until the Tuesday after the con, but today I discovered two very happy bits.

First, Amazon Prime will have Holmes and Watson, with bonus features, available to purchase digitally on this Tuesday.

And second, those bonus features, at least on the DVD release, will include over 20 deleted scenes!

It'll be great to get that entire package whenever it comes out, and I was looking forward to it as a balm for the dreaded malaise we call "con drop," but having access to it before we get to glory in its achievements (and probably baffle its critics with our enjoyment of same), well, that's a very pleasant surprise.

All those deleted scenes means the chance to see both openings for the movie -- the boarding school origin and the garden-suicide origin for Holmes and Watson's first meeting. (Will there be yet another deleted origin that includes Stamford? Probably not, that guy gets no respect.)

And of the three featurettes included, two of which are behind-the-scenes, the most intriguing is "Mrs. Hudson's Men." Mrs. Hudson's male harem of famous faces was one of the most gleefully oddball parts of a gleefully oddball movie and the featurette promises to prove "why the world's most famous artists, scientists and authors can't resist the allure of Kelly MacDonald's Mrs. Hudson. (Probably that Scottish accent!)

One of the best parts of the movie is the musical segment, and the list of DVD extras includes something called "Carriage Song," which makes one wonder if more singing was originally in the film. "That Room is Sanctuay" brings to mind the Companion's Room at the Diogenes Club -- will we learn more of that curious place and its residents?

Holmes and Watson was a movie so filled with wacky detail that even after viewing six times in theaters, taking notes, I couldn't catch it all, so a home release with added features is like a true treasure chest opening wide.

Tuesday can't come soon enough!!!!

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