Thursday, March 28, 2019

Like a Bon Jovi of 221B Con, we'll be going out in a blaze of glory!

There comes an hour at 221B Con every year when you just don't want it to end. One last panel before the Council of the Con-manders final wrap-up hour. It's the one hour that I'll go to any panel, just to keep the magic going for just a little bit more . . . and I think I enjoy that final panel just a little bit more, knowing it's a rare thing I won't see again until next year.

And what is in that hour this year?

Holmes and Watson, the panel.

We're going to be a little bit tired, a little bit comfortable, and a little bit pleased with life -- the perfect combination to settle in and discuss all the weird and wacky paces that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were put through by writer/director Etan Cohen. What was it all telling us about Sherlock Holmes? How amazing was John Watson? Can we sing along to the musical number? What the hell really is a Dutch Jig?

Ironically, the "Tattoos and Sherlock Holmes" panel happens at the same time, so we probably won't have many tattoo experts on hand to discuss the work of Gustav Klinger, the one-armed tattoo artist. And also in that hour is "Every Disguise is a Self Portrait: Healing Through Fic," which leads us directly to Holmes disguising Watson as a common horse-shit salesman . . . "self portrait" indeed, eh? Our third competitor for time is "After Canon Ends," and, well, that's when you start getting the Holmes and Watson creations. Yes, there may be other panels you can go to, but Holmes and Watson really has it all.

Looking forward to all the panels I'm on this year -- "Unreal Podcast" at noon Saturday, and "Sherlock Holmes AUs before they were AUs" at one on Sunday. (The warm-up for H&W.) -- as well as all the others and the dreaded choices that will have to be made between as many as five fascinating subjects at any given hour. But that last hour of con panels . . . that last hour . . . time to leave it all on the table, and for that?

Holmes and Watson. Couldn't ask for a better topic than that!

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