Tuesday, March 26, 2019


As I write this, Holmes and Wattson is starting to play next to it on my computer screen.

"Logic is the sword by which we slay ancient superstitions. But lo, the heart has its own truths to teach us."
Hannah Montana
Season 2, Episode 4

Those words appear on the screen. John C. Reilly's voice starts the narration. And the love begins again.

Every line here to be replayed. Every screen here to be paused upon to explore its full details. Ahhhh, heaven!

And the boarding school origin is still here! As much as I want to see the garden bit, I would miss this version of Holmes's beginnings. Uncrying is right up their with the mind palace in my book.

"It's elementary, my dear . . . what's your name?"

QUOTES! ALL THE QUOTES I COULD EVER WANT! I don't think I've ever been as happy to have a video. So much stuff I want to dive deep on with this film, and here it is.

But now that big question. Amazon sells it with bonus features after the film. What are they?

Ten minutes and forty-two seconds worth. Cut scenes in the cab! Cut scenes of drunken Holmes and Watson. "Fornicate, wed, or behead" from the grimey newskids on the Bronte sisters and Marie Curie. Sherlock and Millie kissing badly. John and Grace romantically departing. Watson loving up on Queen Victoria. Hudson abuse. Puke comments. More hats! More hats! Selfies with the Queen. Poisoned Watson. Hudson abusing Watson in that accent of hers! Sherlock and John posing as Americans. If you liked the original jokes, the cutting room floor stuff is just as much fun, and maybe even more happily offensive.

And on to featurettes! (Make that "featurette" -- looks like there's only one attached to this version, which means more content on the disks!) More cut scenes in the featurette! "It's amazing how effective urine is for crowd dispersal." Farrell and Reilly just work so well together, that if improv paid more, these two would be at the top of the game. 

There you have it. Looks like the theatrical American release, with deleted scenes and the Farrell/Reilly featurette on Amazon's digital release. Can't wait to get home tonight and watch the full movie again.

And maybe one of these days, I'm going to figure out why this movie hits my Sherlockian sweet spot so perfectly. But it surely does.

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