Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No longer among the gentry, perhaps, but still among the Sherlockians.

Like many a Sherlockian I finished booking all my arrangements for a certain Sherlock-centered weekend this week.

Unlike most of the Sherlockians doing such a thing this week, my selected destination was not New York City. The arrival of the invitation for "The Baker Street Irregulars 2015 Birthday Weekend" was what prompted my travel plans, yes, indeed. But, alas, the fit seems a bit off of late for me . . . quite literally, in the case of my appropriate "funeral suit" for the central formal dinner.

A quick tally of costs, should I choose to make a weekend of that event and hit the lovely events associated with it, comes to over $1300 very quickly, without including the shopping that it is hard to get in and out of NYC without, cabs, impromptu outings, etc. And as much as that price tag may seem dues paid without question to some, others of us among the faithful must do a little comparison shopping and see if there might be a lower-priced alternative.

And these days, quite happily, there is. It occurs a few months later, yes, but that does mean friendlier temperatures. And if one is going to do cosplay, which putting on a tuxedo really is anyway, the alternative offers a lot more choice in male fashion. (Or female fashion. Cosplay is so lovely.)

Yes, rather than merely giving a sigh at missing out on the grand old weekend this year, I finished making my arrangements for 221B Con in Atlanta. A good convention, no matter what the subject, always brings me joy, and my last trip to 221B Con was one of the most delightful times several decades of Sherlocking. I like surprises, and the Atlanta-based con was full of them.

One of the best bargains of setting one's sites on 221B Con this early is that delicious five months of expectation and planning. Time to consider exactly what to wear, possibly suggest a panel, think about maybe having a room party or some other gathering of a few friends . . . all sorts of options.

2015 is bound to be full of Sherlockian opportunities, as most years are. And fall is when we get to start picking them. And looking ahead.



  1. I'm with you on this one. Barring unforeseen circumstances I'll see you there. Please tell me you are not going to get tatoos and go unshaven, to Cosplay as Mr. Elemental.

    1. That would be first or second Mr. E. He looked clean-shaven in the first offering of this year! Tattoos, of course, are for a lifetime!