Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tales of two Sherlocks and other random events.

Facebook has never been the place I do much of my Sherlocking. With a rare few exceptions which have straggled in along the way on their own merits, I save it for the personal and local and don't "like" too many non-persons. One of those rare exceptions, which I've found very worthwhile, is the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota group. No surprise there, as the Explorers have been a strong Sherlockian presence in the U.S. for a very long time, and can be depended upon for good things on many a front.

Recent items from the Explorer's page had a notable pairing of news items, which found an odd "life imitates art" vibe regarding our two TV Sherlocks.

As was hit hard from all sorts of sources, Benedict Cumberbatch, our BBC Sherlock, had his engagement announcement to a woman with the lovely British-sounding and nearly-Canonical name of "Sophie Hunter."

A little less well publicized, yet caught by the Explorers, our Jonny Lee Miller, our CBS Sherlock, becoming an American citizen on election day.

After all the wedding business of the third season of Sherlock, and the America-centric Sherlocking of Elementary, both of these developments seem as natural as can be, even though, technically, the scripts of fictional TV shows should not influence the personal lives  and choices of their actors. But who knows? "It is always a joy to me to meet an American," our hero famously said. And let's not talk "Charles Augustus Milverton" and that plumber business.

It has been a very lively week for coincidence and announcements. Without getting too far down the political rabbit hole, some major mid-term elections gains were made by the American political party that is mentioned in the Canon. (Quick quiz: Which character in the original stories is "a Republican lady?" No Moonfind, now! Hint: She comes from a traditionally non-Republican state.) And I suddenly find myself wondering: Are there any Sherlockians out there die-hard and fanciful enough to base their voting habits entirely upon that fact? (A horrible thought, but admirable in it's level of devotion. Good on you, should you exist, you crazy, crazy bastard!)

And the week has a couple more days left in it, too. Let's see how  that goes.

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