Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March to 221B Con: Running the AU scales.

Last night I had an epiphany and set about to make a blog resolution: With 221B Con on the horizon, I would do nothing in March but look forward. No looking back. Forward is where our optimism lies, where our hopes lie, and where 221B Con lies, at this point. So for one month, just one month, what if I was to only look forward?

And so it starts.

One thing I need to do for 221B Con is prepare myself for the rush of alternate Sherlocks. So many alternate universe versions of Sherlock and John turning up in cosplay, art, and discussion -- angels, fish, all sorts of things I never imagined. So to prepare, I thought I'd practices going through my scales, so to speak, a quick run through the alphabet of Sherlock AUs that might, or might not exist, A to Z. That ought to open up my brain a bit.

So here goes:

Airlock . . . 221B the space platform, naturally.
Brrrlock . . . Sherlock and John alone in Antartica.
Curlock . . . a Holmes milieu where all the good guys are now moustache-twirling blackguards!
Duhrlock . . . well, nobody's very bright in this one.
Earlock . . . Holmes, Watson, Lestrayd, etc., all a part of the peerage.
Furlock . . . yeah, been done, fur sure.
Girlock . . . Shirley and Joan when they were wee lasses.
Herlock . . . really, really done, and pretty well at that.
Irelock . . . leprechauns?
Jarlock . . . Sergeant Holmes and Private Watson of the U.S. Marines.
Kerrlock . . . okay, this one is based on one of my ancestry lines, so probably not written yet.
Lurelock . . . anglers detecting trout.
Murlock . . . nope, not mermen this time -- World of Warcraft murlocks! HAROWWWWWW!
Nerdlock . . . Big Bang Theory on Baker Street.
Orelock . . . Gold Rush prospector John and Sherlock staking claims!
Pearlock . . . yeah, clams.
Qwertlock . . . 1930s business school typist Sherlock and John.
Ruralock . . . American Gothic fan art is the centerpiece of this one.
Stirlock . . . Holmes and Watson in prison!
Turdlock . . . Mr. Hankey has a case for the boys!
Urolock . . . The world's greatest consulting urologist.
Virglock . . . well, we'll see how long they can stay in this genre.
Whirlock . . . John and Sherlock must battle as pieces in an old Battling Tops game.
Xerxlock . . . forget Moriarty, Leonidas is going down!
Yourlock . . . Sherlock reincarnated as Watson's Tamagotchi.
Zurlock . . . Sherlockian fanfic based entirely on a single "Magic: The Gathering" card.

Okay, that bit of exercise is done for the night!

Can't wait for tomorrow! Looking forward to it, actually, the motto of the firm. (This month!)


  1. Please, someone write John and Sherlock in Antarctica. Pleeeeeease.

  2. I will be a challenge, one I am sure you are up to, not to write something about Elementary after it has shown.
    I will drink a pint to you if you make it.
    I will drink a pint to you if you don't.
    Good luck. Looking forward to your April 1st review of Elementary.

    1. Can I write about Elementary *before* it's shown? Because I'm actually looking forward to one particular episode this month!

    2. I can't imagine you beings as un-biased as you usally are writing about it early, but what the heck, whay not?
      But it must be 'forward' thinking.

  3. Duhrlock - more appropriate title for "Elementary" perhaps.

    1. I cannot respond to this comment, by prior arrangement with John Foster above.

  4. (Soooo far behind)

    Kerrlock can be Kerr Avon's smarter twin brother! Imagine the slapstick adventures!