Monday, March 28, 2016

The March of the Hound takes a Grimm turn.

You have to love the new on-demand phase of our television access.

Hear about a show you missed last week? All you have to do is hit a few menus and there it is.

Today I learned of a second non-Sherlockian show to have an episode inspired by The Hound of the Baskervilles this month: NBC's Grimm.

After a little bit of continued continuity (ahhhhh . . .), Grimm began its tale with a perfectly ominous quote settling on the screen with enough time for its words to sink in:

"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes."

I don't remember those words from Sherlock Holmes ever sounding so spooky before, but they are.

And then a car and driver, forests, rain, and a cell phone conversation that starts with: "Yeah, and go ahead and call Stapleton, let him know that I gave him him til start of business on Monday to counter our offer on the Baker Street property . . ."

Turns out the guys name is Doyle Bask, and after blowing a tire, something bad happens, he winds up messed up and bloody on the road, but alive, claiming he was attacked by a large dog.

Past that, the story goes off on kind of a basic werewolf-hunters tale, with a lot of Grimm mythos mixed in. Not being that familiar with the show, there was a lot I was working a bit of that out as it went, but it seemed to be moving their story along pretty well.

No Sherlock Holmes in Grimm world, but that's only the way things should be.

Still, nice to see a nod to a horror classic that Sherlock Holmes happens to be a part of, even he can't exactly show up to fix it, in that very non-supernatural way he's famous for.

(Thanks to @plexippa for the heads-up Tweet on this one.)

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