Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sherlock v Watson: Don't of Just-not.

Just don't do it.

Today's blog is a plea to all future pasticheurs, network executives, movie producers, and other content creators whose lazy methods of idea generation will take in the new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and somehow decide to pit Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson against each other in a full-out battle royale.

See how bad the poster would even look? (Poster shabbily based on current Batman v Superman poster. No actual future graphic predictions implied.)

"But Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson are the best of friends," one might protest. "Why would they go all-out against each other?"  Well, Batman and Superman were great friends, too. For decades. And somebody decided having them fight would sell tickets, as silly an idea as it is.

I mean, Superman barely has to think about beating Batman, kind of like one would expect from a Sherlock versus Watson match. Watson, like Batman, would have to plan, prepare, and stage the confrontation to get every advantage he could before Sherlock knew he was coming. Because once Sherlock knows you're coming . . . even that sniper thing doesn't work so well. Ask Sebastian Moran.

Sherlock and Watson don't need to go to war against each other to entertain us.

They don't even have to go to war against each other for the occasional head-butt or punch in the face, as we've seen in the last decade . . .sometimes even the best of friends have a little bit of a blow-up (as when one of them is out-of-his mind on drugs in one particular pastiche or another, though that hardly counts as a true mano-a-mano). But nothing worth building an entire book or movie about.

So just don't do it, future chroniclers of neo-Canons to be, no matter how it works out with the Bat and the Super.


  1. All you need to do is watch 2013 Russian Petrenko/Panin series. Watson is quite the boxer in it, and KOs Holmes more than once. :-)

  2. It was interesting to note that you said Sherlock v/s Watson instead of Sherlock v/s John which made me think of the interesting discussion on the topic here :-)