Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two steps closer to 221B Con

The organizers of 221B Con have been sending out the panel assignments this week, and a lot of panelists I'm looking forward to seeing have popped up on the Twitter feed. As for me? Given my rather unsatisfactory (to me) performance on panels at the first 221B Con a few years back, I decided to limit myself to a single panel and just do that one as well as possible. That panel?

Old School Shipping: The Many Wives of Classic Watson - Before John's relationship with Sherlock could be fully explored, fans had to content themselves with pairing the doctor up with the Original Canon bachelorettes. Who were they and why would they work as Watson's dream date before or after Mary?

Very familiar ground there, and something I can come to fully loaded . . . in the two weeks remaining.

Where the two weeks becomes interesting, however, is in the realm of cosplay. I finally came up with an idea I'm dying to put together, and my very talented costumer friend is on board to help, but two weeks is a very short turnaround time to work out all the details. We shall see what happens. What's the costume?

Let's just say a mash-up that I would be drawing if I was a capable artist. Based on BBC Sherlock. If it works, there will be pictures here eventually. And if it works, it could be my new favorite cosplay. (My old favorite was Snake Plissken for FanExpo in Toronto some time ago.)

Other little details are starting to come in as the excitement ramps up, some good, like the additions of burlesque and S(her)lock, and some not so good, like the absence of Lyndsay Faye, who'll be off on a book tour that weekend.

In the meantime, the preparations are moving into high gear, and if you have any favorite candidates for a non-Mary wife of classic Canon Watson, let me know. I'm always looking to collect a few more, and like I said . . . just working on the one panel and I want to make it good.

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  1. One would think you could do the Elementary, My Dear Watson panel with your eyes closed.