Monday, March 7, 2016

Sherlollory is not tomfoolery.

Once we saw that BBC Sherlock's Sherlock Holmes can time-travel into his mind palace to investigate a non-current case, a Pandora's box was opened that even previous AU fanfic could never have envisioned, though it possibly did. EVERYTHING became potentially Canonical, Sherlock-speaking. And, oh, it is all so tempting . . . .

Ah, but fanfic is a leisure time luxury that my own resources of hours do not allow. (Else I'd probably have done a novel-length work about the beautiful robot Anesidora Ivory from "Sherlock Holmes and Dinosaurs.") But that doesn't mean the ideas don't come, and they aren't oh-so tempting.

I mean, tonight, for example, a single mention of Sherlolly fanfic set my brain a-whirling with a strange new mind-palace tale of Molly Hooper. But not regular Molly Hooper -- moustached, Victorian man-Molly from "The Abominable Bride." And here's how I think it would have went:

Victorian man-Molly is catching a train at Waterloo station to head off for some business requiring train travel at time that coincides with Victorian John and Mary Watson boarding a train to leave for their honeymoon. A series of mishaps brings her into conflict with a rather homely woman trying to board the same train as John and Mary, and Hooper, as we know her in Sherlock's Victorian era mind-palace, eventually winds up forced to share the same compartment with the woman for the trip.

The woman is, of course, Sherlock following John and Mary to protect them, because for some reason Sherlock's mind palace is trying to solve Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

The drugs, you know. The drugs just do some very weird things.

Anyway, man-Molly and lady-Sherlock find themselves strangely attracted to one another, and bow chicka wow wow . . . fanfic stuff happens. Er, beautiful relationship-building plot development, that is. Two souls on a voyage of self-discovery. You know, that stuff.

Then in the end, Sherlock wakes up in modern Baker Street and realizes the obvious conclusions of his reverie. That's the thing about this whole new potential genre of fan fiction . . . Sherlock can always come out of his mind palace adventures with some enlightening new self-awareness. It's kind of like those lessons explained at the end of cartoons like Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. (Yes, irony.)

Will all the possible fanfic have been written by the time I retire or otherwise gain enough hours in the day to start adding to that vast ocean of alternate Sherlock Holmes adventures? Will all the possible combinations of BBC Sherlock, Downey Jr. movie Sherlock, and robot dinosaur Sherlock tales all be told? OH MY LORD! Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, and Anesidora Ivory! Be still my heart! "Sherlollory" is my new favorite tri-ship, and it doesn't even exist yet.

My brain must be preparing itself for 221B Con, which is probably a good thing.

But Sherlollory fanfic? I am so going there some fine day.

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