Friday, March 25, 2016

Seeing Sherlock everywhere is just a matter of focus.

Mycroft Holmes's most famous line goes something like this: "I hear of Sherlock everywhere since you became his chronicler."

This week, it seems like I'm not hearing of Sherlock everywhere, but seeing him everywhere. In 80's television. In current big screen blockbusters. In other iconic British heroes. Not because there are deerstalkers or calabash pipes there. Not because the name "Sherlock" is heard somewhere there. But because of who he is . . . and those incredible and admirable qualities that we want to see in our heroes. And that get written into them time after time.

If was almost like a clog had been removed from the drain and the old mind-sink was getting fresh fill-ups, swishing around, then draining out and letting fresh flow come in.

Perhaps it was getting a bit more exercise . . . finding 2.21 miles on the pedometer built into my phone after a day's activity may be Sherlockian, but it's not the healthiest number to show up there.

Perhaps is was diving deep into some Daredevil binge-watching on Netflix. Sometimes taking one's focus off of a particular subject and pushing it elsewhere lets us getting a little new light in.

And perhaps it was the fact that certain changes in the world have removed a non-Sherlockian irritant from the later, less-hectic part of the week. I might just enjoy that new status quo.

But most of all, it could be that 221B Con is coming.

Anticipating a big dose of the freshest Sherlockian goodness can be its own medicine. It's been a good week, and hopefully, next week will be even better.

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