Thursday, October 24, 2019

The H&W innocents

We hear a lot of unbelievable things these days, but there's one that has especially stunned me of late: How many Sherlockians there are that haven't seen Holmes and Watson, the top Sherlock Holmes release of 2018, that opened Christmas Day and continued well on into 2019. It's been available on video for almost seven months now, and, really . . .  has there been a Sherlock Holmes movie to top it yet this year?

Of course not!

Will there be a Sherlock Holmes movie released into theaters before the third Downey/Law outing in December of 2021, to end Holmes and Watson's reign as the latest and greatest Sherlock Holmes movie on the big screen?

Not really looking that way, is it?

So why, oh why, are so many Sherlockians purposefully choosing to remain unblessed by the insights of a writer-director who just gets an aspect of Sherlock Holmes that few have captured in the past? Why are they missing the first major motion picture where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson declare their love for each other so powerfully that only song can convey their feelings?

Well, I guess because it's not on Netflix yet. And competitive streaming services being what they are, that might be going to be not as quickly as it might have once been expected. Basically, you still have to purchase it, borrow it, or steal it to see the movie, which takes a little effort.

Still, those great mobs of innocent Sherlockians still out there, untouched by that long-faded mob of torch-wielding haters from back in January, offers Holmes and Watson another chance to add members to its cult-movie bad of happy followers.

I  know, I know, I forgot Enola Holmes in my earlier movie forecasting, but we can't let her come in with a pretty Henry Cavill Sherlock before those folks have their lives touched by a John Watson cake-icing autopsy scene. 221B Con is less than six months away, though, and another round of Doyle's Rotary Coffin evangelizing might just be in the works.

Stay tuned. Or better yet, if you haven't seen Holmes and Watson, get out there and fill that hole in your soul that you didn't even know was there. You'll either be glad you did or swearing vengeance upon me. Enjoy either!

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