Saturday, April 14, 2018

221B Con 2018: Beautiful morning blog session

Lest one think that con life is all hotel function rooms, the hotel bar, and indoor air, this morning's post comes to you from a lovely green patio just outside the Marriott's entrance. The rumble of jets from the nearby airport is competing with the sounds of nature, but this is Georgia. Nature finds a way.

Last night's fannish burlesque show was, as always a burst of energy to cap off the first day of the con, with lots of hollering, clapping, and huge enthusiasm for all the performers. Acts touched on Harry Potter, Supernatural, Austin Powers, the Young Ones, The Magicians, and a grand finale of a gender-bent Holmes and Watson in turn ignoring and seducing each other. It's a tribute to the energy levels of con attendees that there is actually a dance party and more after this 10-11:30 bit, but I rarely make those.

As it was, the 6:30 AM amber alert that blasted out of every cell phone at the hotel did no one any favors, I'm sure. I'm still a little bit groggy from that one, and I hope it doesn't limit me today -- the big day of the con. Last night I got to meet Nancy Springer, the author of the Enola Holmes series, and will be interested in hearing her speak, as well as con regular Lyndsay Faye, whose next book is eagerly awaited. But the big name guests aren't the true draw of this con, and all the other voices are much anticipated as well.

Next stop, however, is the dealer's room, which I completely missed on Friday night. That's a rare event, mostly due to Howard Ostrum not being here this year, as helping him set-up and visiting Howard were the reason for most of my trips there. (The cash runs out quickly, as far as visiting for proper dealer purposes goes.) There's always stuff there one finds at no other Sherlockian venue, so it should be fun. But for now, a few more pleasant moments among the jets and nature . . . .


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