Saturday, April 14, 2018

221B Con 2018: HIgh noon, the hour of chaos.

Four panels at high noon today, I'm interested in all of them, but my stomach over-ruled me and it was food truck time. Chicken soft-tacos in that lovely grove where I blogged first thing this morning, then back into the con. Of course, it's con done Keefauver-style, which is a little off.

I was still fighting a bulbasaur in Pokemon Go as I headed into the "All Genders Welcome" restroom, picking the one with urinals. Stopped in the con lounge and noticed that the "Free books" table had dwindled a bit, so I headed out to the car for a banker's box of books a Peoria friend wanted me to disperse -- some real classic among them, but mostly pastiches.

On the way I ran into Gord Shriver at the Atlanta society table, chatted a bit, saw Taylor at the Baker Street Babes table next door and spend a bit on their wares, then dead-lifted that banker's box of books and hauled it the long walk in.

Did I mention the Civil Air Patrol was having meetings here too? They look rather serious about their Civil Air Patrol business, which makes for an interesting contrast to the fun and cosplay of the 221BConners.

When my chores are finally done, I slipped into the "Sherlock Holmes Webcomics: Baker Street Elementary" panel with the Masons, but get called out so my sneaking didn't. Still, got a signed copy of the con comic from Rusty, before heading out to see if I could find my fellow panel-mates for the Firefly Sherlock panel, but not before running into my panel-mate for the later Moriarty panel and arranging supper plans. And then there are the three other people I ran into, didn't have the time I would have liked to talk to and moved on.

And then in the bar discussion fan matters with my upcoming fellow panelists . . .


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