Friday, April 13, 2018

221B Con 2018: Sherlockian societies with Steve and Chris

Some topics regarding Sherlock Holmes are those I know too well, but still quest to find more info on. One of these is the Sherlockian society. Having ridden out a local Holmes group going on life support, what makes a society tick, what keeps one alive, is pretty key.

Steve Mason and Chris Zordan are the experts holding forth on this subject, and the first really important point Chris is making is that it takes at least two people to run a Sherlock Holmes society. His view is mostly based on division of duties, but what I've observed over the years is that it takes at least two strong Sherlockians to run a society because the core members of a group have to play off each other, inspire each other, and generally bounce the ball back and forth. One person by themselves can organize and run and do all the jobs of starting a society, but unless that one person is apt to burn out without at least a partner to bolster their spirits.

But enough of my thoughts, back to the panel. Good question from Jen Liang on the naming of a society -- the old school Canonical reference style of naming doesn't draw from the outside world. Putting "Sherlock Holmes" and your city name together, as in key words for a website, is the best advice there. And the discussion heads on to regularity of a group's meeting.

Same place, same time of the month, same routine?  Seems to work for some groups and not others.

Tim Johnson is live-Tweeting this panel and I can hear the TARDIS on the other side of the wall doing its thing, so the mind is definitely wandering a bit as they discuss restaurants as meeting venues. It's an important consideration for holding a Sherlockian event, but one that depends a lot upon your locale and membership.

Finding hidden talents within your group is a wonderful point -- Sherlockians have some very diverse interests and letting people bring in what they love that's tied to the Canon is something that never fails.

On to my way to the Diogenes Club meet-n-greet, as it's my birthday present to myself this year was a lifetime membership to this lovely con. Onward!

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