Friday, April 13, 2018

221B Con 2018: The first panel on my list

Okay, thanks to the new hotel and better internet connection, it's the return of Sherlock Peoria liveblogging 221B Con. First stop "Movie Story Spinners with Sherlock and John!" Recommended to me as something my little movie-loving heart would go for. The panel's star member is AWOL with a migraine, so it's a little impromptu, but that's kind of what this one was going to be -- lots of audience participlation.

The difference between a crossover and a fusion: A fusion melds Holmes and Watson in as current characters, a crossover actually has them enter that universe. In any case, it's like our two favorite characters are invading every other universe, as they do in fic.

Say you like the TV show Magnum P.I.?  Holmes is Magnum, Higgins is Mycroft, T.C. is Watson?

Fast and the Furious? Dom is Sherlock, Brian is Watson.

The Room . . . ? Oh, now we're going at a pace that I can't even keep up with, and it's too hysterical.

Lestrade and Molly as Mulder and Scully investigating Sherlock's powers? Apparently that's out there as a fic.

Three's Company with John and Sherlock as Janet and Chrissy? Yes, we're gravitating toward TV, but that's an easy common character language. So much creativity going on here. Playing out familiar scenarios with Holmes and Watson is a really great way to both explore and appreciate them, and that's the real joy of any Sherlockian gathering, just the raw appreciation that exudes from a topic people get worked up about, and that's here.

Now we're rolling through Anne Rice, Pump Up The Volume, and Heathers, in reverse order. With Sherlock only having four seasons and the Canon having only sixty tales, appropriating some of this stuff for Sherlockian tweaks is a fun and easy way to whip out visions of stories that could spark further development. 221B Con is always inspiring, and this is a real jump-start on getting the mental gears turning.

There were five panels scheduled for this hour, and I wandered in to the "Janeite Sherlockians" panel to give my excuses for not attending that one after Amy Thomas tried to shout me in. (My Jane Austen knowledge is all movie-based.) The other three choices were costuming, Joan Watson's fashions, and a non-Sherlockian cartoon panel -- with five tracks, having one that has nothing at all to do with Sherlock Holmes is just fine. As this crossover/fusion panel is well demonstrating, exciting ideas can come from all sorts of places and just add more energy to the whole.

Okay, going to stop blogging this one and just enjoy the rest of the panel! Onward!

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  1. There is a 'Magnum P. I.' episode with Sherlockian connections - something to do with Higgins - but it's on vhs tape and I don't recall details!