Sunday, December 30, 2018

A name for that small society of "Holmes and Watson" enjoyment feelers?

As the movie Holmes and Watson settles in as a thing that exists in our cultural filmography, there is an aspect for those of us who enjoyed it that is a bit like searching for survivors in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Those like us seem far and few between.

Dr. Tassy expressed this perfectly this morning upon finding Paul Thomas Miller newly joining our ranks, with the tweet: "Welcome to our small and exclusive society!"

And as a Sherlockian raised in a past era, my knee-jerk reaction is "Society? We have a society? What do we call our society? Let's have membership cards! Or BADGE RIBBONS FOR 221B CON!" (Yes, I love my badge ribbons. If you haven't been to a venue that lets your con-badge grow a beautiful beard of ribbons, you are missing a treat!) So I turned to my second viewing notes to try to come up with a potential Ferrell/Reilly Canonical club name.

"The Companion's Room"

"American Ladies"

'The Terminally Ill Onanists"

"Hudson's Many Lovers"

"The Electroshock Patients of Dr. Grace Hart"

"The Deadly African Plague Mosquitos"

"Millicent's Family of Feral Cats"

"The Okinawan Beard Flippers"

"The Anglo-American Exhibitionists"

"The Queen's Platypus Lips"

"The Baker Street Co-Detectives"

"The Effects of Black Orchid Poisoning"

"The Child Boxers of Quarterman's Pub"

"Watson's Intoxigrams"

"The Stationary Cyclists of Fumbles Gymnasiums"

"The Tattoos of Gustav Klinger"

"Klinger's Corpse-filled Cake Bakers"

"The Eastbourne Sailors and Mermaids"

"Watson's Last Meal Hair Buckets"

"The Grimey News Kids"

Now, that last one is Holmes and Watson's stand-in for the Baker Street Irregulars, so I would suppose it would have to be the central NYC society that the rest beg scion status from, but as you can see there are many more potential society names than we shall probably ever have members for, should we ever go that traditional route. But as you can see from this little exercise, Holmes and Watson has a ridiculous amount of content crammed into its ninety minute runtime (I suspect it would be easy to double that list), one of the many reasons I find its utter nonsense a treat.

Societies or no societies, as with all Sherlockiana, there is much fun to be had beyond the thing itself, and for some of us, Holmes and Watson will be no exception.

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  1. Oooh, can I join! With a vote for either "The Companion's Room" or "The Grimey News Kids".