Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sherlock Holmes and Aquaman

"A curry was exactly the medium which would disguise the taste."
-- Prophetic Sherlock Holmes in "Silver Blaze"

Why prophetic?

"A curry," which is also the pronunciation for "A. Curry," which is short for "Arthur Curry," which is the civilian name of Aquaman, the DC superhero whose big movie comes out this week. And, of course, I am going to attempt to tie it to Sherlock Holmes.

There is the mention of a case "concerning the politician, the lighthouse, and the trained cormorant" in "The Veiled Lodger," of course. Arthur Curry's father was a lighthouse keeper, his mother was a politician of sorts from Atlantis. And the trained cormorant?

Consider that tales of the Aquaman first came to be in 1941. Watson wrote of the politician, the lighthouse, and the trained cormorant late in his writings, a scandal which occurred in "the late Victorian Era." And, oh, yes, Aquaman's birth was quite a scandal for the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, as his mother was a runaway queen from that very place.

So what if the Atlanteans of 1900 or thereabouts used trained seabirds, like cormorants, to attempt to locate someone gone to the surface world? And what if Sherlock Holmes helped Tom and Alanna Curry escape the tendrils of Atlantis, only to have the Atlanteans continue to try to get their location from Watson's records, hence the warning in "Veiled Lodger." And what if they kept trying, even going after Sherlock's neighbors in Sussex with such creatures as cyanea capillata as part of their plot.

The tale of the Aquaman has moved forward many generations since its origins, so there is a potential that its origins came from a situation that Sherlock Holmes might have had something to do with. At least that's what I'm claiming this week.

And you know I had to go to the Amazon Prime sneak preview last night just because "Amazon" is mentioned in the Canon. Or maybe that was the excuse for Wonder Woman. For a Sherlockian, there's always a reason somewhere in those tales.

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