Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Detective Chimp stands on his own

I was reading the sixth issue of Justice League Dark last night.

Why is this relevant to Sherlockians?

Well, one of the main characters of this supernatural offshoot of DC Comics's Justice League is a little fellow named Bobo, the Detective Chimp. Sherlockians have included any appearance of Detective Chimp in their comics collections for years because Bobo wears a deerstalker and often a chimp-sized Invernesse cape.

That deerstalker, the base level for inclusion in a Sherlockian collection for decades, is falling out of favor as a must-have Sherlockian base for picking something up, at least to me. There is just so much Sherlockiana out there since the Cumberbatch Renaissance that we have to draw lines in the sand somewhere. "Vacuum cleaner" collecting is no longer a financially viable option. (The books on Amazon alone could replace your house payment and would build a very poor shelter.)

And just in time, Bobo the Detective Chimp is gaining some real character, worth reading on his own. He's got a few dark secrets, a drinking problem, and the detective skills to solve his issues if someone just gets him into gear.

So at this point, I might have started reading Justice League Dark for the deerstalker, but I'm sticking with the book for the story itself. And Bobo, the Detective Chimp, himself.

Hoping Detective Pikachu does as well for himself.

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