Friday, December 14, 2018

Sherlock-man, Sherlock-man . . .

(Sung to the tune of "Spider-man," the sixties cartoon theme song.)

Sherlock-man, Sherlock-man, does whatever a Sherlock can!
Runs an ad in the Times, here come those who did crimes,
No doubt! He is the Sherlock-man!

Is he strong? Watch this, Hans! Bent that poker with just his hands!
Can he jump off a cliff? You will not know the diff!
Fake out! Still alive Sherlock-man!

In the Lon-don fog, sitting at Baker Street
He will solve your case, all tidy and neat!

Sherlock-man, Sherlock-man, detective genius Sherlock-man!
Scotland Yard gets the cred, escaping crooks wind up dead.

Shipwrecks, or mysterious train stabbings, 
About which nobody is blabbing,
Was it the Sherlock-man?

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