Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Three Patch Podcast Challenge

It's December second, and I'm insane.

Why, you ask? Maybe it's failing this year's November NaNoWriMo spectacularly. Maybe it's the fear of an oncoming Christmas season that will not be ignored. Or maybe I just really needed to push my boundaries.

It's the beginning of the month, and the Three Patch Podcast has recently come out, as it usually does, thanks to some really hardworking folks. It's a huge podcast, a lot to listen to, and what's even more huge: a lot to completely digest. In the current episode, Episode 86: The Curtain Rises, there are over forty fic recommendations for the listener to follow up on. Over forty of varying lengths, and fics can be huge!

Now, as Sherlock Holmes is oft said to be a "literary" fandom, a phrase which to some means "the Doyle, and nothing but the Doyle," I sometimes feel like Sherlockiana as a whole has not quite realized the gold mine that has been growing beneath our feet. Writers are growing and developing in the fertile soil of Sherlock in land that many pre-judged years ago as a barren trash-field. I've had some good experiences reading in that land, however, and trust me, I don't just accept any old crap as good writing. In fact, it's getting harder and harder to find writers that hold my attention.

Which brings me to the reason I'm insane today. Not because I've enjoyed a bit of fanfic, and even written a minute amount. No, because I'm making December my first ever attempt at what I call "the Three Patch Podcast Challenge." Because I feel like that podcast challenges me every episode, and I've never taken them up on said challenge before, though I'm sure many have. What challenge, you ask?

I'm going to attempt to read every single fic rec from this month's Three Patch episode notes in the month the podcast came out. As I said, it's over forty. Is that even possible? Hell if I know, I'm just pointing at a mountain peak and going, "There! That's where I'm headed!" Since fic-work can range from a single short story to an ongoing, massive novel-length work, titles alone give no clue as to what lies out there. Chances are I may look ahead after testing the foothills of a first chapter and go, "NEXT!" But you have to head into those foothills to find out, don't you?

Blog posts of my progress will be coming, whether it's success or failure. But now that the idea has entered my head, the attempt must be made . . . because I'm just a little bit obsessive that way.

Truly insane? On a divine mission from a Sherlockian God? (You know, should She exist, She has to be a Sherlockian, don't you? Only makes sense.) Or just another foolish dream destined to be dashed against the rocks of reality?

We shall see. Off I go . . . . I'll report back in a few days. Send a search party if you don't hear from me by Friday.

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